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SECANT software is a high yield cutting optimizer for both sheets and bars. It is the main cut planning software chosen by companies throughout the world for all types of material including board, laminates, steel, aluminium and acrylics.

In mid-2018, Matt from PSL Optimization Software contracted us to design and develop a custom website and brand for their premier cutting optimisation software package, Secant.

Matt is a friend whom I have know for many years since the time I lived in Manchester. He owns multiple businesses in the area as well as his “day-to-day” business, PSL Optimization Software that he started with his father. So I was very happy when he got in touch regarding doing a project together.

Matt’s goal was to spin the software package Secant, out into its own entity that could sit alongside the other business. The best way to do this was to create a separate brand and website that would focus on the product’s features rather than the larger business.

We started as usual, with the branding. After 5-6 draft ideas that we mocked-up and discussed. We fine tuned and reworked the favourite. This brand took inspiration from 2 places:

Train Manchester – Matt’s other business (a crossfit gym) has branding that is simple, to the point and no-mess. We liked how this brand is easily recognisable, unique and bold.

Secant – In geometry, a secant of a curve is a line that intersects the curve in at least two (distinct) points. The word secant comes from the Latin word secare, meaning “to cut”. We researched the term and related Trigonometric functions which were then incorporated this into the brand design.

At The Creative Donut, web design always starts with building a sitemap followed by a layout design draft. We were keen for the site to be super clean, with minimal text (just enough to convert visitors) and present the features and benefits of the software.

We structured the site to focus on the business benefits that users could expect such as increased throughput, high-yield, increased management functions and various savings in money, material and manpower. We also were keen to include downloads, video tutorials and an FAQs section to address any general questions a potential client may have.

We then developed a layout design that was both attention grabbing and super clean. We kept the colour pallette by super simple and used parallax background images that we created in photoshop using premium photography.

We were all happy with the resulting website and brand. We even received multiple inquiries within hours of the site launch – Enough to even pay for the project! Now that is a good investment 😉

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Sam and the Creative Donut during the launch of our new website. Communication has been great, with incredibly quick response times to any queries, and a perfect understanding of exactly what we needed whilst also giving valuable input on the latest website trends and requirements. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend! Thanks!”

Matt Foster
Owner – SECANT Software

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