We would like to welcome you to our farm
& we wish you a wonderful stay

Dam View Glamping (established 2018), is luxury glampsite in 100 acres of farm land, within Gartmorn Dam nature reserve in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. If you enjoy the great outdoors you will find lots of things to enjoy close by. Their lodges look over a nature reserve, with footpaths connecting the lodge field to hours of walking, running or cycling tracks.

In February 2018, Sarah from Dam View contacted us to discuss the design and development of a highly-visual website to showcase their amazing location and glamping business.

From the get-go, Sarah admitted to being a slight technophobe and was perfectly happy for us to guide her through the design and development process, using our expertise and experience to suggest solutions.

When we were brought onto the project Dam View Glamping had already established a brand with a local artist and had began gaining social media traction with “coming soon posts” as the accommodation was still being built.

From previous experience of working with Glamping businesses (and startups in general) timing is hugely important. Preparing, landscaping, building, decorating and furnishing these “temporary” buildings takes a good amount of time…yet so does developing a custom website. Especially as once the accommodation is ready, you want to be in a position to be able to take bookings, be searchable on Google, showcase amazing photography and have a social media base to be able to market too. For this reason, we began the process in March and we were able to flex our milestones around the physical build. For example, we had the website fully developed ahead of time using dummy photography as placeholders whilst the final preparations were made to the tents.

Once complete, Dam View undertook a professional summertime photoshoot. We were then able to nip, tuck, crop, optimise the images and insert them into the pre-prepared website. This time planning was imperative to the early traction of the website and achieving bookings before the season began to come to a close.

At The Creative Donut, web design always starts with building a sitemap followed by a layout design draft. We were keen for the site to be super clean, with minimal text (just enough to convert visitors) and let the beautiful location talk for itself.

We structured the site to showcase features in a logical order with only the necessary text to describe the accommodation, features and surrounding areas. It was also clear that we wanted to bring everything back to a booking page as this was the main conversion point.

We then developed a layout design that was both attention grabbing and super clean. We drew inspiration for the colour pallette by point-sampling the branding and discussing hues with the client who was keen to move away from the “nature” related green colors that are associated with the outdoors. Instead we opted for a muted purple/lilac that complemented the styling and branding well. We also designed a number of styles of roll-overs to display text over photography and included bold statements to inspire and attract.

We also undertook a number of extra tasks along side the website design and development service. For example, given our previous experience in this area, we were able to advise the client on booking management systems which we integrated into the site for ease of taking bookings, payment and managing the booking calendar across their 3 tents. As well as aiding with the purchase and setup of website hosting, security certificates and email via Microsoft Outlook 365.

We were all supremely happy with the resulting website and look forward to adding this to our portfolio.

“Sam really listened to our brief, he took on board everything we spoke about and created a website that felt like it was ours. Sam is great at communicating, replies to messages quickly and speaking to him was easy and it made the whole process fun. Thank you for everything!!”

Sarah Peck
Owner – Dam View Glamping

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