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Bringing big business marketing expertise
to your growing company

Brief Marketing was founded in 2017 by Charlotte Barsby and Jo Cutting. The concept was to bring their vast experience in big business marketing to small business owners. Aiming at cutting through nonsense and helping businesses perform better.

In late 2017, The Creative Donut was provided a detailed brief to design and develop the new companies website to engage and attract potential clients.

creative donut best web design berkshire newbury brief marketing basingstoke

First off, these guys kick ass at writing a brief! It made my job so much easier to have all of their wants, needs, inspiration and aspirations led out in a document. If your business is in need of any marketing help or you have a special project that needs some external eyes…these are the ladies to chat to.

We began, as usual by building up an idea of what drives the business and how the founders want potential clients to view the company. The brand was already established when The Creative Donut joined the project. So we were able to pull inspiration from this as well as the personalities of Charlotte &
Jo themselves. They were keen for the website to be exciting, modern and pop! But not take itself to seriously. This was to reflect their ethics as well as their target market of small exciting businesses…certainly not large corporates.

At The Creative Donut, web design always starts with building a sitemap. We were keen for the site to be snappy and to-the-point. As such we designed a Landing Page-ish format. Keeping the main static information all on one long front page. But extending to a Blog and a Portfolio section via buttons, read more’s and article summaries. We have used this technique before, which is very popular with startups, to focus the visitor and minimise distractions from clicking that all-important Contact Us button.

We then developed a layout design that was both attention grabbing and modern. We used an Asymmetrical design to draw attention to the Services. As opposed to 2017’s minimal style trend 2018 all about the broken or asymmetrical grid. It’s eye-catching and can be a great way to implement depth into your site. This depth can create an exciting user experience, keeping potential leads on your site longer.

creative donut best web design berkshire newbury brief marketing basingstoke
creative donut best web design berkshire newbury brief marketing basingstoke
creative donut best web design berkshire newbury brief marketing basingstoke

Both the client and us are super happy with the resulting website. I feel we worked well as a team. The easy communication and flow of information can really make the different in creative projects.

Happily, Brief Marketing have also joined our website support & maintenance pack.
We are looking forward to working together and hoping they achieve their goals.

creative donut best web design berkshire newbury brief marketing basingstoke

“Sam is excellent. He totally nailed our brief. He was instantly responsive. He gave good feedback, handled changes to the brief well, communicated in a way that was easy and convenient for us and most importantly was fun to work with. He’s managed to excel in both creative website design and reliable & solid website delivery. Would highly recommend.”

Charlotte Barsby
Founder – Brief Marketing

“Sam has been absolutely outstanding to work with through the development of a website for Brief Marketing. He understood the brief clearly, delivered on time and surpassed our expectations at every turn. Plus he was very responsive to questions and always quick to fix any small issues. We’ll continue to recommend him to our own customers.”

Jo Cutting
Founder – Brief Marketing


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