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Making Sewage sexy since 1981

Clearwise is a family-run septic tanking business. Based in Newbury, Berkshire since 1981, Clearwise has a 30 year reputation of trustworthiness and amazing customer service.

Previously Clearwise had an 8 year old website that wasn’t really doing much for them in terms of capturing new business. It was full of lots of jargon and far too much redundant information.

In 2015, The Creative Donut in Newbury was asked to help streamline and modernise the website. Paying particular attention to creating content that would engage and interest visitors. Whilst being respectful of the trust built up over 30 years hard work.

creative donut best web design london Newbury reading septic tank clearwise

Easy to use design, simple and clean content, bold call-to-actions. These are things we can do. Making septic taking look sexy – this was the real challenge!

The main limitation of the design phase was the color palette. Clearwise has “clearwise yellow” (#FF9F00) which is a difficult shade to match and build a concept around. However this needed to be included as all the tankers had been painted this color for many years and it was basically their signature.

We began our approach to this project by brainstorming idea and discovering new┬áinspiration. From our initial meeting with the client it was apparent that Clearwise had deep routes within Newbury, Berkshire and the rural area surroundings. Which lead us to branch off into the concept of “the friendly yellow truck driving through the countryside”.

septic tank cleaning logo branding creative donut website design newbury berkshire sam lee
clearwise the creative donut best web design berkshire newbury designer
creative donut best web design london Newbury reading septic tank clearwise

Images of Newbury, Berkshire and the surrounding countryside inspired us. We created custom icons for the site balancing the Clearwise yellow with lots of white space. It was a goal of ours to keep each snippet of information under 3 sentences, using icons and bold headings wherever possible.

The shorter, bite-sized snippets of information and high-resolution images made the site an instant success. Making the subject of septic tanking sharable and less of a taboo subject for a website.

We focused on creating quality content and working with Clearwise to understand the target market. Understanding why customers used Clearwise over other companies allowed us to address these in the first paragraph

Before the site was even launched, someone found their way onto the development web design and used the contact form to enquire about a service!

creative donut best web design london Newbury reading septic tank clearwise

clearwise newbury septic tank cleaning website design

“The team at The Creative Donut designed & developed a content-rich website for us. Their big & beautiful ideas are converting visitors into paying customers since the day it was launched.”

Simon Vokins
General Manager – Clearwise


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