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Electricians in Newbury

Emprose Electrical pride themselves in delivering an exceptional standard of work and developing long-term partnerships. They offer a bespoke service for all clients covering design, installation, testing, certification, maintenance and everything in-between. Based in Newbury, Berkshire they are well located and experienced in providing electrical services for commercial, industrial and residential properties nationwide.

In 2016, The Creative Donut was asked to help with web design and developing the companies website.

creative donut best web design emprose electrical

Emprose Electrical has a unique and vibrate brand for a company in the construction services sector. Im a big fan of the mint green and purple contrast with a balancing white stroke surrounding the lettering. The brand was already designed when we came onboard, but this provided great inspiration for the website when we started the web design process with the client.

emprose electrical engineering newbury berkshire web design

Emprose are a small to medium sized company. They like to see themselves as “no job too big or too small” and “big enough to handle large jobs, but small enough to care”.

This was an inspiration for The Creative Donut’s web design. We liked the concept of “two sides of a coin”. We used the 2 main colors of the branding as filters throughout the web design. Overlaying colors on hi-resolution photographing give a continuity to the branding, web design and content.

creative donut best web design emprose electrical

The layout of the website is relatively simple. Focusing on highlighting the services provided by Emprose’s electricians to domestic, commercial & industrial clients.

We used a number of methods to display and convey information to the visitor. As their target audience is homeowners to bluechip companies, it was key we kept the information short and snappy. We used icons, headings and drop-down content boxes to minimise wording.

creative donut best web design emprose electrical
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